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Horse Dolphin Connections

Dolphin Dreams

Since 1998 one of my hobbies is to swim out in the warm oceans with wild dolphins in their natural habitat.  Dolphins started consistently appearing in my dreamtime in 1996 after a life-changing move from the Portland Oregon area inland to north Idaho. Prior to that move I had lived in a coastal state for most of my life, either in New England or the west coast.

My dreams led me to reading several books about swimming with wild dolphins and searching online for dolphin adventures, I came upon the perfect pre-high school graduation present for my son and I to Key West Florida for a wild dolphin swim. The dolphin bliss effect that occurred when a one dolphin veered off her course to come back and connect with me was exhilarating beyond words. The sensation strikes quickly to the heart creating an endorphin rich orgasmic like rush. I was blissed out of my mind intensely content in the present moment living with an expanded heart and resonant connection with all creation. Gliding back to the shore on the catamaran with a Guru-like grin on my face glowing from ear to ear I was captivated by the dolphins.

Later on a trip to Costa Rica along the Osa Penniusla with Delphin Amor Retreat center, it was apparent at dinner time who had been swimming with the dolphins because they had huge grins on their faces and a connected calm presence. For those who have experienced this, you know what I mean. For those of you who want to come on board look for upcoming Dolphin Light Adventures in Hawaii.

Since all of my time in nature is led from a place of reverence for all nature, with gifts of prayer and gratitude exchanged for the experience and connections, the dolphins have called me to more adventures in Hawaii, Costa Rica, and Bimini which you can read more about in upcoming articles.

Dolphins in the Desert

Due to a health crisis that limited my mobility for a couple of years, my dolphin light experiences temporarily came to a halt. That is when Horses started appearing in my nighttime dreams. I learned from the previous sequential dreams with dolphins to listen to the call so once again I began reading and researching about horses as teachers and guides. Ready to experience this myself, I was drawn to the Tucson Arizona area to learn from Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning teachers among them Kathy Pike, Linda Kohanov, Barbara Rector, and Shelley Rosenberg.

The first time I drove in the desert with saguaro cactus I felt the dolphin energy in amongst the cactus. I sensed them flowing towards me. As if the imprint of their joyful inviting energy was left there from millions of years ago. I mentioned this to another Clairvoyant and they said they sensed the same thing. Cool validation.

When I first joined up with a white Arabian horse that called me to choose him to work with, there it was again, that bliss filled visceral connection that radiated and expanded within and around me bringing a giggly attitude. Time and time again when given an opportunity to just be with a horse this occurred, leading me to embark on a midlife career expansion to become an Epona Approved Instructor in the field of Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning.

Bonding with Horses

Science is now proving what we have experienced when in the horse bio-energenic field, that the hormone oxytocin increases when a human spends as little as ten minutes petting a cat, dog, or horse. This bonding hormone stays with us for a period time and can be transferred into all of the relationships in our lives. The relationship with our own body and emotions, with other people, and expanded out into the world improves. Not only that, but there can be a contagious reaction to people and horses who are in this wave of positive affect contagion. Piercing the veil of separation and opening to the liquid light experience of melting in union with all creation and the miracle of being alive.

I experienced this group oxytocin effect expand and travel around the 5 acre ranch during my Epona Instructor Apprenticeship training in the desert of Amado Arizona. One afternoon, we did an exercise where four groups of people and horses were engaging in reflective grooming experiences.  I first experienced this while watching another apprentice groom Cimarron. I was sitting about six feet away out side the fenced arena. After a few minutes, I felt a ripple of calm wash over me like a warm wave. This washed my spirit clean and I was filled with radiant joy.  When I had a turn connecting with Cimarron through the calming act of connected grooming, I not only felt a deepening of this for myself but also for those observing. Later one of my fellow students replied she had never seen me so happy and excited as I explained what I experienced.

Dolphin Bliss

Here is a picture of my favorite dolphin couple. They circle around at a distance and with each rotation spiral in closer. The vibration of being in their presence combined with their sonar, clicks, and whistles truly provides for a visceral cellular experience of conscious expansion. Often “blowing me out of the water” causing me to rise to the surface to catch my breath. The warm sun on my face as I integrate dolphin bliss and spectral healing as the light penetrates the crystal blue waters.

Dolphins have so much to teach us about relationships, expanding play in our lives, the power of being consciously connected to the present moment, and the power of sound and vibrational healing. I am thankful that they have been my teachers along with the water, the sun, the wind, the sand, and the vibrant colors and scents of the tropics.

Both dolphins and horses benefit our lives in many ways creating cellular change that lasts a lifetime. Improving our ability to enhance our energy awareness by experiencing the layers of their energy field and our own aura . They expand the connection between our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves.

I invite you to build your health naturally by spending time with these fantastic beings.  For more about opportunities to play with the horses and dolphins in Hawaiian paradise visit

Self Discovery with the Heart of the Horse

Once you are touched by the heart of a horse, you will never be the same. Your life will blossom and change.

Horse Heart Connection is about embarking on a path of self discovery through the way of horse. As we open to the possibility of horses being teachers and guides along our journey of conscious co creation and discovering our authentic selves, we create a foundation of support with transferable skills to the rest of our lives. We can bring what we experience kinesthetically with our equine friends into our personal and professional lives. As we awaken to our own aha’s and insights into our behavior and thoughts, we learn how to safely create new patterns of being. Our ability to accept love and support increases. This builds self esteem and self acceptance, allowing us to be open to unconditional love for ourselves and others. Successful interactions with the horses transfers into our communities and creating the template for a peaceful world. At Horse Heart Connection the inter-species communication work we do benefits both horses and humans.

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