Welcome to my blog where I’ll share stories about my journeys with the natural world. Messages from wild medicinal plants to the dolphins of Hawaii to the structural vibrations of Bimini at the Atlantis stones to the winds of Sedona and the horses of north Idaho, all of these have offered healing and expansion in my life. As a child I first heard my Gram’s hollyhock flowers sing to me when I was 3 years old. I now know that we all have the ability to communicate with the animals much like Dr. Doolittle that I watched on the movie screen as a child. When I first saw the movie I knew it was true and glad that someone else knew that and made a movie of it. How wonderful to be alive at this time of planetary evolution where these experiences can be appreciated by other people.

Plants, Animals, First Nations Grandmas, and Loved ones on the other side show up in my dreams to offer support and direction in my life. The nighttime clues lead me to research and reading and following through with travel and healing all around the world. I am also a Song Carrier gathering earth reverence songs over the past 30 years. Earth Wisdom Songs arrive through me with the full moon, on flower petals, and the sounds of moving water. As I open my ears to the beauty of nature, I hear her songs. For more about my work and workshops, visit my websites at,, and