Equine Reiki Journal Notes 1-3-11:

Last Monday night I shared Reiki with horses up at Orphan Acres, the local horse rescue where I help with evening feeding once a week. I have been sharing Reiki for a few months primarily with Dusty a white draft horse mare who has elephantitis lymphodema in her back left leg.

The first time I shared Reiki with her she immediately relaxed dropping her head and absorbing the healing life force energy. She is a recent addition to the herd and tends to stand off by herself. She seemed relieved to have a heart felt connection with someone.

Another day after doing the Earth and Sky meditation, I was being Reiki with her about 10 feet away. Dusty received Reiki for a few minutes and then walked away so I was in a different level of her energy field.

I was still in the Reiki space so I turned around. and saw her daughter, Star trying to reach me with her head through the fence. I continued to share Reiki with Star. There was also a mixed herd of 18 horses behind the fence back another 10-15 feet on the other side of a large water trough.

It was rewarding for me to notice that as I continued beaming Reiki to Star, a line of 6 of the other horses stood creating an arc across the area behind her. It seemed like it was mostly the young ones in the group who came as close as they could, about 10 feet away, with their ears perked forward. The longer I beamed Reiki I noticed the rest of the horses in that herd were settling down.


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